Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Time to go Gordie!

After having chronically overspent in the years leading up to the current economic downturn, PM Gordon Brown has assured that the UK is as far from prepared for worse times as it could be. Without having any real clue as of what they are doing, the Labour government is proposing to increasing government spending, of course without having any money to spend, like any good Labour government, and increase the public net debt to 80% of GDP! From 70% you ask? No. From 60% you ask? NO! The government has given up on its rule to keep public net debt below 40% to allow it to DOUBLE! Over a period of ten years you say? No! Over a period of just 4 years! DOUBLE! FOUR YEARS!!

Luckily the PM will have to call a new election before June 2010, so at least we will get rid of him then. Unfortunately the mountains of debt that the PM and his government leave behind them will not disappear with the Labour government, and Britons will be paying for the mistakes of the current spendaholic Labour government for many, many years to come! 

Warwickshire Police takes crime seriously!

I would like to extend my gratitude to the officers of the Warwickshire Police force, who showed yesterday that you can really trust them to take you seriously and will investigate almost anything. As I was walking home from the bus yesterday, completely exhausted after spinning (thank you Veronika) I saw someone smash the window of a Jag across the street from my flat in Clarence Mansions, grab something, and get on a bike and ride down Warwick Street towards Warwick. My first reaction was to try to follow him, but there was no way I could keep up with him on his bicycle, so instead I called the police. I honestly thought they would laugh at me! I mean, it was only someone breaking in to a car, how serious is that? When our country house was broken into the Swedish police did not even come out when we called! Fifteen seconds after I hung up the phone I see a patrol car coming down Warwick Street from the Parade going in the direction of the culprit, and seconds later a second patrol car comes up Dale Street and turns in to Warwick Street and follows the other patrol car.


Unfortunately they could not find anyone matching my description, so one of the patrol cars came back to Waterloo Place where the Jag was parked and asked me for a further description of the crook. They then asked me if I was willing to give a statement in a little while, which I of course said that I would do, and they said that they would come by my flat in a little bit which they also did. By the time we sat down for them to start taking my statement they were told over the radio that they had found a bicycle that matched my description by Warwick Place, and they asked me if I could come with them and see if I could identify the bicycle. So off we went! When we got there, there were three other patrol cars there! I am sorry to say that I could not positively identify the bicycle, but it did match my general description, and there were items in proximity to the bicycle that indicated that it belonged to the perpetrator. They then took me back to Clarence Mansions where they proceeded to take my statement. I was asked in detail to describe what had happen and once the very cute PC, referred to as Johnny by his colleague, and I were done my statement totalled three pages.


So, eight officers and a three-page statement for someone breaking in to a car! I am really glad that the Warwickshire Police takes crime seriously!


Back in Britain, back to blogging

First of all I would like to apologise to those of you who have checked in regularly to see if I had made any new posts only to discover that I had not. Spending five amazing weeks in Sweden meant that I did not find the time to make any new posts. I would also like to thank those of you who e-mailed and Facebooked me encouraging me to make new posts, I’m really glad all of you appreciate what I write!

So five great weeks in Stockholm, with a long weekend in Berlin which was truly amazing, no studying, a cute boy, bad news in the family and a beautiful new Louis Vuitton bag later I’m now back at university and back to blogging!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Berlin today!

Enjoying the wonderful weather in beautiful Berlin! Pictured above is the Reichstag!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The idealised Olof Palme

Claes Arvidsson's view is that with a murdered PM, it is quite understandable that he became idealised. "It wasn't really a good time to critisise Palme when he had just been shot and his blood was still on that street-corner in Stockholm". But he did deserve to be critisised, in Palme's vision of Sweden there was no limit to what the, albeit democratic, state could do and now where it couldn't go! And Claes Arvidsson is defintely doing a better job at talking about Palme than he did talking about defence policy!

The evening second speaker is Claes Arvidsson

...who also participated in last week's seminar on defence policy! I was not very impressed by him then, I wonder if he will do a better job tonight? He is going to be talking about former PM Olof Palme, which should be interesting!

Liberal Group meeting

The wonderful and talented MPs Annie Johansson and Fredrick Federley from the Centre Party have organised another interesting evening with the Liberal Group that I am currently enjoying. The theme for tonight is a new perspective on history since the Left has been very good at presenting history in a way that suits them. It is going to be thouroughly interesting!